International standards for working at heights

Rope access Service

We offer a team of technical technicians for high-altitude work. Our team adheres to standardized rope access procedures.

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Trusted Professional Equipment

We are an official distributor of Petzl products, ensuring reliability and quality for professionals.

Training Center


High Altitude Training Center International Standard

For those working at heights, contact our expert team specializing in high-altitude work. We are always ready to share our expertise to help you enhance safety and maximize efficiency for your team.

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High Altitude Work Courses

1.High Altitude Worker Course (1 day)
2.High Altitude Supervisor Course (2 days)
3.High Altitude Signal Tower Course (1 day)

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High Altitude Work Course

Course: Working at Height with 2-Rope System, following basic international safety standards
(2 days).

หลักสูตร Rope access


Working with rope access systems in industrial
1. Mini Course: 3-day training
2.Standard Course: 5-day training


High Altitude Rescue Courses

1.General High Altitude Rescue Course
2.Signal Tower High Altitude Rescue Course

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Standard High Altitude Work Course

Learn to work at heights safely and properly utilize high-altitude work equipment as specified by manufacturers. Practical training is conducted under close supervision of instructors.

  • Practical Exercises70
  • Group Work5
  • Standard Theory10
  • Relevant Laws15

How is training with us?

We are recognized and certified by the world-renowned brand Petzl, and our practical training with standard international equipment exceeds training expectations.

Training Equipment: International Standards

We use globally accepted training equipment, all of which are from the renowned brand Petzl. Our courses adhere to internationally recognized standards.

High Altitude Work Course: Global Standard

Our instructors are professionals with extensive knowledge and skills in providing guidance on high-altitude work techniques and equipment selection throughout the learning process.

The Professional Trainer

Lecturers with knowledge and skills in giving advice on how to work at heights and selection of equipment closely throughout learning

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