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Our rope access team provides standard services.

All of our team members have experience working with rope access, allowing them to work quickly and safely, ensuring the safety of both the worksite and surrounding individuals.

Our services.


We offer inspections of
all types through rope access,
NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
for assessing properties and capabilities, and checking
for defects in the material.
We also conduct photographic inspections to analyze features such as cracks and wear
on elevated surfaces.

Cleaning Services:

We offer rope access cleaning services, including window cleaning and cleaning of various high-rise structures that are otherwise inaccessible. Our services are cost-effective compared to installing scaffolding, and they offer greater flexibility and speed. Additionally, they adhere to safety standards.

Equipment Installation:

Our rope access team offers installation services for various types of equipment and materials. We design work processes to ensure swift and safe installation for our customers. With a team experienced in rope access installation for over 10 years, we provide advice on post-service maintenance at no additional cost.

Maintenance and Repair

We provide rope access maintenance and repair services for all types of industrial works. Our services include rope access inspection, maintenance, and repair. With our rope access maintenance system, we work swiftly and safely. Our team undergoes thorough training in rope access, ensuring efficient and secure operations.


Equipment Inspection: We inspect machinery and equipment located at heights within industrial facilities.

High Altitude Work Team

We provide professional high-altitude working services, manned by skilled technicians and engineers experienced in working at heights. Our team is equipped with professional-grade tools and equipment for safe and efficient operations.

Structural Inspection: We conduct inspections of crane structures, building structures, and machinery within industrial facilities.

We offer inspection services for machinery structures at height

Our team consists of technical technicians and engineers who specialize in inspecting structures, equipment, and machinery at elevated locations of all types.


High Altitude Work Team

We provide a team equipped with standardized work equipment, sufficient in quantity for our staff. This ensures efficient and effective operations, adhering to international safety standards.

Technical Technician Team for Rope Access Our services include inspection and assessment.

Standby Team Services

We provide standby teams for monitoring, assisting in adverse weather conditions, and high-altitude rescue operations of all types. Our professional team is skilled and ready to respond to any situation


Emergency Response Team

We offer emergency response services for adverse weather conditions. Our standby rescue team is equipped and ready to assist in adverse weather situations, providing complete rescue sets.


High Altitude Rescue Team Services

We provide high-altitude standby teams and high-altitude rescue teams for various high-altitude tasks. Our teams are equipped with standard complete sets of equipment and staffed with trained personnel.

We have earned the trust of leading customers.

We have gained the trust of top-tier clients in the country, comprising over 100 companies from various industries. This reflects our standardized service quality.


IRATA : L1 L2 L3

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Confined Space and Rescue Team Services

We offer confined space and rescue team services to assist in confined space work environments and provide rescue operations in such conditions.

Rope Access Cleaning Services

We guarantee excellent post-sales service on our ISO 9001 certified quality service system. Our team undergoes rigorous training in rope access work according to standards.

All equipment meets international standards and undergoes certification, ensuring customer confidence in every operation. Our services include:

The international standard for service quality ISO 9001

Emergency Rescue Team Services in Confined Spaces

Heightthai provides standby teams for monitoring work in confined spaces and rescue teams ready to intervene during operations in such environments. Equipped with internationally standardized rescue equipment, our professional teams are prepared to respond promptly to emergency situations.

We also have numerous achievements in rope access beyond industrial work, such as serving government agencies, private companies, and various other businesses.

Rope access Sound System BG Pathum United Thai League Football Stadium

Installation and dismantling of LED screens in shopping malls or buildings

No need for scaffolding, no noise, work quickly, safely and without damaging the surrounding work area.

Choosing to use our services offers several advantages

Our team adheres to international standards and is equipped with standardized equipment, ensuring quality and safety in every aspect of the work.

Certified Personnel

Our staff members are certified and insured against accidents, providing additional assurance to our clients.

Experienced Supervision

Our team is overseen by highly experienced supervisors who ensure efficient workflow.

Certified Equipment

We use equipment that has been thoroughly inspected and certified for safety and quality.


Our company provides warranties for our work and covers damages that may occur during the project.

Worker Insurance.

Our personnel are covered
by life insurance, providing
added security for our

Goal Achievement

We consistently meet
project objectives thanks
to our professionally planned workflow.

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